Monday, September 10, 2012

a very special birthday

Today is my friend's birthday:
He's 95!

We've been neighbors my entire life.
He was 68 when I was born.
We're birthday buddies.
When I was young he taught me how to tie my shoes, play ball, and let me jump around and mess up his hair. 
He entertained me with games of checkers and episodes of People's Court & Jeopardy. 
And he always gave me Andes Candies. 
Sometimes he'd give me money--for good grades.
He was always around when I needed air put in my bike tires. 
He came to school for grandparent's day and
we even got tatted together in the early 90s.
You know A League of Their Own?
He was an actual umpire for the league:
He's traveled the world and lived quite the life.
He's been married to Mary for 73 years.
His Birth date is 9.10.17
Can you even imagine?
I try to. 
I try to think about what it was like to live through all the things he's lived through. 
But I can't even begin.
He's one of the most patient and disciplined people I know. 
He still drives a minivan:
even though I try to insist I can chauffeur.
And he can still put away the Tremendous Twelve at Perkins:

All of these random facts are simply to say-
It's an honor to know someone like Emil and I'm proud and excited to celebrate him today.


  1. Special he is! what would we do without great neighbors!?!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMIL!

  2. Wonderful tribute, Steph! Emil is defintely a very special person.
    Hope he had a super 95th B-day.


  3. How very special to have him in your life!!!

  4. I am absolutely loving your gorgeous blog!I love this blog.Thanks for sharing.