Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter peeps centerpiece

If you have 5 minutes and $5, you can make this centerpiece.

I wanted to do something special for my mom. She's always doing so much for everyone else. I grabbed peeps in every color, a basket I had sitting around, some styrofoam, kabob sticks, and Easter grass. Within just a few minutes I had made this super adorable Easter centerpiece.  

My mom and I both think that Peeps taste better when they've been exposed to air for a day or two or more! Right?! I think 'fresh' Peeps are seriously gross.

All you have to do is kabob the peeps and stick them into the styrofoam base. 

Fill it in with the bag of Easter grass. 

I added a quick little "hanging with my Peeps" tag. 

That's it! Well, except, I highly recommend putting a jellybean at the base of the marshmallow to keep them from slipping down. Within a few hours of making this cuteness, it was kind of a mess with peeps turning every way and slipping down into the grass. They definitely need a stopper. 

It's such a bright and cheery decoration. I just love it - and  so did my mom!  

linkin' up @DIY under $5

Sunday, April 1, 2012

i'm back

Boy, it's been awhile!
Did you miss me?! All 8 of my dear followers. :)

My hiatus started with the flu. So there was that. And it was followed by just a general lack of enthusiasm for any of my current projects. It happens. 

I've had a half completed project sitting in my living room (on my new awesome rug) for at least 2 weeks now. 
"Maybe tomorrow" has become a common phrase. 

I did have some success this past week completeling my to-do list. Unfortunately, it was full of "pay this and call them." 
I love striking things off with a thick line. I sometimes put the little tasks on just for the opportunity to cross them off!

And then yesterday morning, RUMMAGE SALE SEASON STARTED! Praise the Lord! Seriously. It's my favorite. I wake up willingly on the weekend to see what kind of treasures I can find. 

It was pretty cold out, and there weren't too many listed in the paper, but we managed. 

I told my mom that we need to take a picture of our loot every week. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to note how much we spend too. Sometimes we get carried away. But mostly, we get some pretty practical stuff for a fraction of the price. Painters tape for .50: yes please. 7 mugs (perfect to decorate with a porcelain pen!)all for $1.50: yes please. A giant roll of freezer paper (that was on my shopping list already) for $1.00: hooray!

If nothing else, rummaging is cheap entertainment and a good excuse for my mom, sister, and I to hang out. Plus, there's nothing like looking at discarded randomness to spark my creativity.