Sunday, February 26, 2012

full length mirror redo tutorial

Ok. I'll share a tutorial with you tonight. 
I've actually had it done for quite some time now. 
But I don't like the way some of the final pictures turned out. So I've been putting off pushing the publish button.
Well, tonight I say 'the heck with it.' 
I hope you like it. 

I've had this mirror since I was a freshman in college. 
Here's proof. 
(Ok, really just an excuse to share this photo.)
It's back there beyond the ridiculousness. It was on the back of that dorm door for 2 years, then our beloved 402.5 house for 2 more. It was in and out of storage and eventually moved back to my parents house with me....and back out again. 
The frame is nicked up and the corners are coming apart. 
But I can still see myself in it. 
I just wish it didn't look so ragged.
I also sometimes wish I could still be back in college. I can only control one of these things. 
So here's what I used to redo my mirror:

Old mirror
book/hymn pages
painters tape
mod podge
sponge brush
*embelishments not pictured

I taped the inside of the frame to protect the mirror. In hindsight, I would have put plastic wrap over the whole mirror. 
Leave it to Petey to steal the focus- literally.

Next, I put a pretty generous amount of mod podge on the first section of the frame that I'd be covering. 

And then take a page and press it firmly onto the adhesive, working out as many bubbles and creases as you can. 

And then, using the sponge brush, Apply another thick coat of mod podge. At this point, you can work out the rest of the bubbles, and use the brush to define any of the mirrors existing details. 

Just keep going. 
I really didn't have a strategy other than to trim away the blank parts of the page. 

The corners just wrapped around- much like a present. 

Once the glue is completely dry, score the excess paper-being careful not to scratch the mirror. 

Then gently peel back the tape.

Now, if you haven't completely covered the mirror before using mod podge, you'll have some flakes. 
Don't be foolish and think you can just Windex them off- as I myself did. I'm still scrapping off flakes. 
You should be able to just use a dry paper towel to collect them or maybe even a dust buster type vacuum. 
I added a little embellishment to the mirror. 

And here you have it:

I'm about to redecorate my room.
I'm thinking navy and coral. 
This'll fit in just fine. 

simply made magnets

Today after church (we talked about priority management) I was encouraged to refocus on some of the things that are important to me. Creating things is currently high on the list.
So, I came home and set to cleaning my mess-of-a basement where I sew, paint, glue, sculpt, stitch, and sing along with n'sync.
 My mom even came over for a little bit and helped me. She's great. I'm spoiled.
By the time we were done, my entire house was clean. Laundry and all. I even vacuumed under the couch cushions! So nice. 

It's always hard to stay on task when I'm cleaning my craft 'studio' because I get inspired by all my supplies and want to drop everything to start making stuff. I'm glad I stuck with it though. It's so much easier to work when everything is in it's place.
 One of the things I spotted as I cleaned were these cute brads that I picked up for .99 at Walmart. 

Because they were cheap & cheaply made, I just cut the brads off the back. 

And with just a very little bit of E-6000, I added a magnet. 
And here you have them!

I think they're super cute. 
And that little person- mine from elementary school.
I keep it out. Because even at a young age I had a dream that poor people would have shelter. 
I like to be reminded and convicted by this dream. 

And I'm excited to share more projects with you very soon! 
Maybe even one more tonight. Maybe.

Friday, February 24, 2012

checking in

It was not my intention to take a break from the blog. 


I actually have about 5 projects in the works. 
I'm proud that some of them aren't even Pinterest inspired...
that's kind of a big deal to me. 

I get caught up because I really want to create tutorials- but that extra step of picture taking is not enjoyable to me. at. all. 
It slows the creative process way down & the window for daylight is so small right now and I'm (unnecessarily) obsessed with taking better pictures. So, by about 6pm I resolve to try again the next day...
and we see where that's gotten me. 

 It does make me appreciate all the wonderful bloggers I follow that do such an awesome job with tutorials. 
It's a BIG deal. 

So, my goal for today/tomorrow is to share one of my many projects with you.

Just don't hold your breath.

And, yes, I'm aware that my resolution for next month is to focus on the blog. I'm seeing that it will be way more about putting in the effort than putting in the thought. I have a lot of really great thoughts. It's the fruition step that's just so dang complicated. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

treats and sweets

I had to have a root canal this morning. Dental work isn't anything scary to me, but when I went to the store afterwards to pick up some necessities, I decided I needed a treat for my braveness. 

The last time I had a root canal (lucky me), I was in third grade (lucky me). For my braveness, my mom took me to Wal-mart afterwards and I got a Lisa Frank Pencil box. 
I remember so well.

So today I treated myself.

I've made it to chapter 3 and I've gone back and forth between intrigue and sickness at the concept of kids killing each other. I'm kind of scared to continue on. 

I think I should have just gotten Lisa Frank instead!

In the spirit of not being selfish- I made some treats for my sweet little nieces for Valentine's Day too.

They were so easy and inexpensive to make. 
(I've really got to start writing tutorials.) 
I just love how they turned out.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

deer tee

Last week I picked up this deer tee at Goodwill for $1.49

I was pretty excited to give it new life- and yesterday I got the chance.

Check it out:

So awesome, right!?!  I'm loving it. Both pillows actually cost about $10 total to make. 
I hope to share a tutorial sometime soon. Wouldn't it be so awesome to make a pillow out of your favorite tee when you can no longer wear it in public. Or, better yet, a pillow out of your favorite clothes your kids have outgrown. 

I don't necessarily love to stitch, but I'm loving the end result. Plus, I watched Clueless while I did it, so it wasn't so bad.  I (sadly) remembered every line of the movie, so I didn't need to look up!

For now, they'll reside on my couch. I'm all about the navy and coral combo. Now, I just have to decide if it'll be my living room our bedroom that gets the makeover. 

 I can hear Faith Hill singing. I hope you're about to enjoy the Superbowl with friends, family, and food! 

I'm at work. boo.  Some of our guests have grilled out and are hanging out in the lobby, though. It'll do!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

heart art

Hearts on maps are popping up all over the place. But that's okay- they're awesome; such a perfect way to display a place in this world that holds a piece of your heart.

I originally got the idea from the Heardmonts last year. Their  blog is one of the first that I started checking into regularly. She did a tutorial for the project here. I modified it, but don't have the step-by-step to share with you today. It can easily be accomplished using the same method I used for the heart on the cookie cutter art last week. 

I just wanted to share this one. 
I made if for my dear friend Kyrie who spent her last semester of college doing an internship in South Africa. I thought this was the perfect graduations/welcome home/way to go gift. 

I'll have to share a tutorial soon. I daydream about someday using this simple artwork to raise money for a good cause. It's relatively inexpensive to create (under $5) and can be custom made for anyone, anywhere.