Tuesday, February 7, 2012

treats and sweets

I had to have a root canal this morning. Dental work isn't anything scary to me, but when I went to the store afterwards to pick up some necessities, I decided I needed a treat for my braveness. 

The last time I had a root canal (lucky me), I was in third grade (lucky me). For my braveness, my mom took me to Wal-mart afterwards and I got a Lisa Frank Pencil box. 
I remember so well.

So today I treated myself.

I've made it to chapter 3 and I've gone back and forth between intrigue and sickness at the concept of kids killing each other. I'm kind of scared to continue on. 

I think I should have just gotten Lisa Frank instead!

In the spirit of not being selfish- I made some treats for my sweet little nieces for Valentine's Day too.

They were so easy and inexpensive to make. 
(I've really got to start writing tutorials.) 
I just love how they turned out.


  1. Steph, how did you make these? Do Tell! Love, (ha, ha, ha) them!

  2. Hi Molly. What size is Olivia in? I'd totally love to do a tutorial for the blog and I'll make an Easter shirt for her since you asked.