Tuesday, September 18, 2012

friday finds

I realize it is, sadly, no longer Friday. I started this post last week and, dang it, I'm going to finish it!

After my 8am dentist appointment (WHY do I do this to myself!?) I did a little treasure hunting.

Remembering I had am in-store credit (Thanks, aunt Marie!) I ran into Kohls to just look. Maybe get a new shirt for vacation or some much needed new work pants. 
 I found 2 pairs of work pants and new dress jeans. 
 I'm slowly putting my guest bedroom/office together. While I'm a fan of a good DIY area rug, I couldn't pass this up. It's pretty much exactly what I had in mind. 
 I hardly turned the car off before I ran in and unfurled it! 

After Kohls I found a couple rummage sales. The season is slowing down, but there are still plenty of treasure to find. 
For starters- this brand new, super cute, exactly what I would buy in a store, purse:
I know that's what you just said!

I also found this very trendy, had been eying the same one at Hobby Lobby, exactly what I was looking for but too cheap to buy jar:
For $1
You know what they say"
 One man's trash is another DIY blogger's treasure!

Here it is in all it's re purposed glory:

Another simple organizer with endless possibilities. I can see it holding flour, or candy, or supplies, or craft junk, or change...

It just dawned on me I could have named the post "tuesday treasures." 
I'm a sucker for a good alliteration. 
Maybe I should have just gone with "cheap thrills."
Do you know how hard it is to name blog post?
Well, it is. 
Am I rambling? Sure am!
My to-do list is a million miles long today & my motivation is brewing because:
I'm officially on VACATION! 
Fly to Denver tomorrow. 
I'm sure you'll read about it later! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

a very special birthday

Today is my friend's birthday:
He's 95!

We've been neighbors my entire life.
He was 68 when I was born.
We're birthday buddies.
When I was young he taught me how to tie my shoes, play ball, and let me jump around and mess up his hair. 
He entertained me with games of checkers and episodes of People's Court & Jeopardy. 
And he always gave me Andes Candies. 
Sometimes he'd give me money--for good grades.
He was always around when I needed air put in my bike tires. 
He came to school for grandparent's day and
we even got tatted together in the early 90s.
You know A League of Their Own?
He was an actual umpire for the league:
He's traveled the world and lived quite the life.
He's been married to Mary for 73 years.
His Birth date is 9.10.17
Can you even imagine?
I try to. 
I try to think about what it was like to live through all the things he's lived through. 
But I can't even begin.
He's one of the most patient and disciplined people I know. 
He still drives a minivan:
even though I try to insist I can chauffeur.
And he can still put away the Tremendous Twelve at Perkins:

All of these random facts are simply to say-
It's an honor to know someone like Emil and I'm proud and excited to celebrate him today.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

(another) bathroom caddy

I probably should space out my posts. Maybe schedule some for when I'm on vacation next week. But it's fun to share. I'll just have to keep coming up with more stuff!
Ready for TMI:

I keep reading material in my bathroom,
My scale is constantly kicked around the floor,
And sometimes I uses this:

That's a lot going on in a little space.

But at one of the first rummage sales of the summer, I found this magazine caddy for $2.

Love it.

I used the same primer and glossy black from my other caddy project and:

There you have it.
Another simple organization solution.

Friday, September 7, 2012

blog encouragement

I've said it before, but it's worth revisiting. 
I write this blog, first-and-foremost, for myself. 
There is a sort of therapy I get from writing, posting, and sharing.
I'm proud that I've been able to create these things and made a place to keep record of them.
However, I do like to know that other people are enjoying my contributions to the blog world too. 
My cousin Kim (Hi Kim!) has been my #1 supporter; making me feel like my posts are actually anticipated and enjoyed. 
I've once had someone tell me they couldn't believe I only had 8 followers. I was both flattered... and kind of sad. 
Why don't I have more followers?
How do I get more?
Do I really even care?
^^^Hello to my awesome followers!^^^

I think I'm split 50/50. 
I care
   & I don't. 
Because admitting that I would want to have more followers is admitting that the focus of writing for myself is shifting to writing for others & I'm a little hesitant. 
But then I think about how much I love to check in on some of my favorite bloggers (check out my "Blogs I Love" page above)and the simple joy I get from reading about their new projects & life happenings. I'm inspired and encouraged to keep sharing.

And then yesterday this happened:

What a 'small world' moment!!
I really am flattered.
Hi Sabrina's friend! Thanks for finding (and sharing) my blog!!
 Where am I going with all this?

I guess I think it would be cool (and encouraging) to ask the people who are enjoying my blog to show some love!
follow me
leave a comment
Let me know you're here!

Because, I guess, at the end of the day I'd be ok with 8 followers but I'd be encouraged by more. 
I won't called it begging:
simply asking....
please don't make me beg-
I'm not above it!

I'll hold up my end of the deal, too-
 bringing you more projects and tid-bits than ever before.
Let's do this together.

UPDATE: In an attempt to make this blog more follower friendly- I've added new ways to connect. -------> check 'em out over there on the right.
AND choose one way to follow- or two- or all! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

i'm obsessed

I am completely obsessed with my new SMASH journal from K&Company.
I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby. It was $12.99 and then I used my 40% coupon. 
I have also seen them at Wal-mart for about the same price- and I know Michaels carries them too.

Isn't it beautiful!

I love all the pretty pages.

You can even buy fun accessories like pockets and stamps. Everything is super reasonably priced too: between $3-$5 & you can use your Hobby Lobby coupons.

I was so excited to start filling the pages.  
But pretty and fun don't always produce great ideas for entries. I was still kind of at a loss for how I would have stuff to actually SMASH on the pages.

Enter this:

I'm a huge fan of Ashley and her blog. 
Is it awkward to admit that, after I did my entries last night, I totally had a dream that I met her! 
Huge fan. 
In fact, do yourself a favor and check her awesomeness out over at 

The timing could not be more perfect. I'm excited everyday to see what prompts she'll introduce. I even shared my first two on Instagram. It's really fun to connect with so many other people that are participating. 

You can see the prompts on her website. The first one was to write this using your non dominant hand AND to draw your pen. 
By the way: FriXion pens are amazing. They're erasable w/o an eraser. It's fascinating!

And here is my drawing of the first classroom I can remember.
I really am obsessed- in a good way- about my new journal adventure. 
I think you should try it too!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

multipurpose caddy

I found this basket at a rummage sale a couple weekend ago for just .50

I hit it up with some primer,

sprayed it with a few layers of glossy black spray paint that I had on hand,

gathered up some mason jars I had around the house,
And made an awesome little caddy that has multiple purposes!

It can be used in the office,

the kitchen,

or even the bathroom.

I'm kind of obsessed with how awesome it turned out. I'm having a tough time deciding where to use it because I love all the options.