Tuesday, September 18, 2012

friday finds

I realize it is, sadly, no longer Friday. I started this post last week and, dang it, I'm going to finish it!

After my 8am dentist appointment (WHY do I do this to myself!?) I did a little treasure hunting.

Remembering I had am in-store credit (Thanks, aunt Marie!) I ran into Kohls to just look. Maybe get a new shirt for vacation or some much needed new work pants. 
 I found 2 pairs of work pants and new dress jeans. 
 I'm slowly putting my guest bedroom/office together. While I'm a fan of a good DIY area rug, I couldn't pass this up. It's pretty much exactly what I had in mind. 
 I hardly turned the car off before I ran in and unfurled it! 

After Kohls I found a couple rummage sales. The season is slowing down, but there are still plenty of treasure to find. 
For starters- this brand new, super cute, exactly what I would buy in a store, purse:
I know that's what you just said!

I also found this very trendy, had been eying the same one at Hobby Lobby, exactly what I was looking for but too cheap to buy jar:
For $1
You know what they say"
 One man's trash is another DIY blogger's treasure!

Here it is in all it's re purposed glory:

Another simple organizer with endless possibilities. I can see it holding flour, or candy, or supplies, or craft junk, or change...

It just dawned on me I could have named the post "tuesday treasures." 
I'm a sucker for a good alliteration. 
Maybe I should have just gone with "cheap thrills."
Do you know how hard it is to name blog post?
Well, it is. 
Am I rambling? Sure am!
My to-do list is a million miles long today & my motivation is brewing because:
I'm officially on VACATION! 
Fly to Denver tomorrow. 
I'm sure you'll read about it later! 

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