Saturday, May 19, 2012

ladies weekend recap.

It's already been 2 whole weeks since we had our girls weekend in Door County. 
I'm clearly not very ambitions in my blog comeback. 

Here's a picture of our whole group at Lambeau field. We took the tour of the stadium and it was pretty cool. 

We even got to walk out onto the field through the players tunnel to the audio playback of a roaring crowd. When you're born and raised in the Cheesehead state, that's a goosebumps type moment.

We left Green Bay and headed up the 'thumb' of Wisconsin- Door County. We spent the entire day Saturday stopping at wineries, shops, and scenic stops.

I drove the 'cousin car' and when the moms/aunts pulled over at this little Cherry shop, we werent' even going to get our of the car. But my cousin Jess ran in quick to ask how much the crates outside were..........FREE! Bam. This Kim with the loot. We each took one and I'm thinking we should have ourselves a little DIY challenge. 

And lastly, our group at the tip of the peninsula. 

We couldn't have asked for better weather that day, and we certainly couldn't have asked for better company. The whole trip was perfect, and I'm thankful to have each of these ladies in my life.  

Also...I made that blanket. So cute, right?!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

welcome back

The month of April wasn't my favorite. 
I wasn't inspired or motivated to create things. I guess that just happens. 
So does bronchitis
and broken computers. 

But I'm back. My wonderful sister and brother-in-law saved the day with the gift of their old Mac. I just got it this weekend and already feel inspired again. 
 And lesson learned: magnets and hard drives don't mix. sigh.

A month with limited blogs, pinterest, and general Internet browsing was interesting and, surprisingly, welcome.

May started out much better with a girls weekend trip to Green Bay and Door County. I'll recap that next. But for now, I have a house to clean and laundry to do. Back to reality!

And back to blogging.