Friday, August 31, 2012

large magnetic picture board

I've actually been in the crafting mood again recently. Feels good to go to bed with some paint on my hands! 
I've been meaning to post the projects as they are completed. Sometimes I even take pictures for a tutorial. But then, somewhere between completion and a blog post, my motivation gets lost. 
In an attempt to get over this. I'm going to just toss this tutorial at you. Simple. To the point.

Here goes.

I found this awesome frame at thrift store for $10:

I then bought a roll of steel at Menards:

I painted the frame (at midnight) in my backyard:

A simple pair of scissors cut the steel to size:
I used a generous about of E-6000 and a foam brush to adhere the metal to picture.
You'll want to work fairy fast at this point.
I gathered all kinds of heavy stuff from around my kitchen to help secure the bond.

 I just cut a piece of fabric to size and used glue to adhere it.

You can see the edges are a little frayed. I found some of this rope lying around and used hot glue to boarder the frame and hide the fray. 

 Then I was done. Loving the final product. But the frame sat in my hallway for a good month! At some point, my niece played with all the magnets and pictures. 
When I finally did get the frame hung, I had a really hard time getting a good photo of it. I wanted to show the details: the cute magnets I made, the fun pictures and quotes I posted, the pictures of me when I was little, how awesome it transformed my hallway. I wanted them to be Pin-worthy. Dang-it!
 But none of them turned out well. 

 I love it though. I love walking past and seeing the people I love. I love that it's easily changeable, that I made it, and that it was a fairly cheap transformation!

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