Monday, July 23, 2012


My Mac had an unfortunate run in with a very strong magnet a few months ago. Even though my brother-in-law generously gave me his old Mac, I haven't quite gotten over my loss. Although I've created a few new project over the summer, I rarely spend time on a computer now and haven't uploaded pictures or written posts for them yet. I'm hopeful that this has just been a break. I'd love to get back to blogging again soon.

For now, I'll share some of my favorite Instagram moments from this summer. 

 Beautiful Kyrie on her wedding day. Such an honor to stand up and witness my friends love for each other. 

Fresh squeezed! 

Feeding the fish at the duck pond. Fun to pass a classic summer moment onto the next generation. 

Pool Day! 
I need another one. I've lost my tan.

Summer on the farm.
A little DIYing in the midnight. The project is now complete and so awesome!

Hosted these amazing Summer Staffers for a a few days. 

Seriously classic jam. 

And then this one day....
I stumbled upon a church celebrating baptism on my way home from the flea market. 
I stayed, got connected, started Bible study with the young adults, and have renewed hope. 
Great day. Great story. Great God.
I've been helping out my neighbors a little bit more. I clean for them and take them to doctor appointments. This particular morning we went to breakfast and Emil put away the Tremendous 12 like a boss. 
And last week I watched my nieces. This is how they settled to watch an episode of Dora before bed. 

Man, I just love summer.

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