Monday, March 12, 2012

monday projects: sneak peak

We're having some wonderfully early spring weather here in Wisconsin. It's really lending well to some outdoor DIY projects. I was so motivated to work on stuff today that I ran errands in the rain (not snow...BIG difference) and, AND, I didn't read a single page of Mockingjay. (I'm halfway through. eeek.)

The rain cleared early this evening and I got to work on some things flip flops!   

Here are some of the projects that got a kick start today. 

I even got my dad involved. I snuck a pic. He's not one to stop a project and say 'cheese.' Which is also part of the reason there won't be a picture tutorial for this project. It's pretty straight forward (and AWESOME) anyway. 

I stopped to take a quick break for dinner, catch up with the Voice, and show you what's up. 
Back to work!

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