Tuesday, March 6, 2012


At the beginning of the year I wrote this post.

You probably remember that in January I vowed to:

and it went well. I wanted to carry this resolution on. But, there were a couple weeks in the middle of February that I didn't drink as much water as I should have. Over this past week, I've really recommitted to this. There are so many benefits of drinking water and now I notice the negative side effects when I don't get enough. I had more headaches, retained more water, and found it harder to lose weight---all because I wasn't drinking enough water! psh. I'm back on track. 

And then, in February, I made one of- what I thought would be- the hardest resolutions:

And how did I do:

I even started this resolution early. I think I went to a drive thru for the last time on, like, January 25th. There were certainly days or certain times that I really craved fast food. Sometimes on the way home from church, work, and shopping- some of the typical times I used to stop. I mean, I used to stop a lot- so I had many triggers. 

But once I started and got into the month, I really couldn't break my new healthy habit. I would have been SO disappointed in myself. I would imagine writing this post and having to say I caved. I certainly didn't want to have to say that. So I stuck to it. I fought against my habits. I created new healthy habits.

I packed healthy snacks for work-
healthy lunches too.

And created delicious alternatives to fast food. Things that were fast, easy, and healthy to make so that I wasn't tempted to stop because I knew I could come home to quickly whip up something yummy.

It really wasn't so bad.
 I've actually only had fast food once in March so far. My mom and I stopped the other night on our way home from out of town. We probably would have gotten Subway or something healthy, but it was after 11pm and most places were close. Going without for that length of time helped to change my perspective. I still entertain the idea of going to a drive thru, but now I think of all the other options I have, and they win. 

Moving on to MARCH. 
My resolution:

Focus on Blog
Learn how to make the vision in my head match the actual layout and atmosphere here. Make a schedule. Post tutorials. Maybe do a giveaway. Look into Etsy further too. 
Basically learn how to do all the things that I wish I new right now. 

Well, we all see how well that has been going!! It's super hard to get on track. I love writing this blog. I like to create and share. I like to keep my friends and family in the loop (if they want to be). It really is just a matter of making it a priority.
I'm not exactly sure what this month will look like. This resolution isn't as straight forward as my last two- but I'm determined to succeed. 
So, I better get to work!

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