Thursday, March 15, 2012

spool storage/display

Imagine this for a second, will you: 
nearly 100 spools of beautiful, mostly vintage, sewing thread thrown without care into a plastic storage bin. 

On Monday, I gave a sneak peak of one of the many projects I've been working on. With my dad's help, it turned out just as I'd imagined. 

drum roll please

Bam. Booya. Oh Yeah. 

The lowdown?

On one of my wandering adventures through the hardware store, I picked up two of these boards.

It's hard to see the awesome price! I really just bought them to make something. The label does say "hundreds of uses."
My dad simply (enough) cut and nailed the boards I had already painted into an old bulletin board that I had covered in burlap.  This entire project cost me $1.34 plus tax. 


This was my sewing table before: 

And now after:

It almost looks glamorous. You'd never know that I work in an unfinished basement with my fuel tank to my left and Christmas tree to my right! You'd also probably assume that I sew. ahahaha. Funny. This table is the least used one in my space- but at least now it's pretty. 

Thanks dad!

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