Thursday, December 22, 2011

infinity scarf

If you're still in need of a quick gift for someone, infinity scarves are really easy to make and can be really inexpensive. (I made one of my favorites for just $2 using clearance fabric!) I made three last night in under an hour.  They're prefect. 

I bought 2 yards of fabric for each one. And each cut makes 2 or three scarves depending on how thin or bulky you want them to be.

I kept thinking I knew how to make them without help. But every time I sat at my sewing machine, I got stumped! I finally had to turn to YouTube and found this extremely helpful tutorial.

and check back next week- I can't wait to show you how I updated these gems!

My parents started a piggy bank for my sister when she was born. A couple weeks ago, for whatever reason, my mom remember that it was tucked in the furthest corner of our attic- probably had been for 25 years!

We had fun with it. We all took guesses on how much money was in there. My dad drilled it open and we shook out a wopping $106.05! Cha Ching.
We got a good laugh at the other random things that we shoved in there: bowling coupons and Captain Crunch tokens....Kids!

I found both of these rocking chairs this past summer at rummage sales for $2 each! I'm totally falling in love with them....well, with the one that I've finished. The other one is sitting with a coat of primer on it...but I still have 3 days- right. 

One of many resolutions: learn how to use my camera. Because these cell phone pics are awful!!

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