Saturday, December 31, 2011

my AWESOME christmas tree

I have one more Christmas story to share: the super AWESOME story of my Christmas tree this year. 

Disclaimer: don't get jealous!!

Last year, I used my mom's pre-lit Christmas tree. It was wonderful! But, with guests coming in town this year, she needed it back so she could have a tree in both of our family rooms. I was convincing myself that I would be okay using my Christmas tree from college. It has colored lights and only stands about 5 feet tall- but it would be fine. 

Then, on one fateful morning at the end of November, I came across a few trees at Goodwill. I took my mom back later that night to get a closer look and to get her opinion. This is were my story gets awesome!

The tree I wanted was pre-lit with white lights and priced at only $24.99. I was so nervous when we asked the guy to plug it in to test the lights. And then I was bummed when they didn't work (not awesome). But, I was okay with the idea of just taking off the lights (as hard as that would be) and restringing the tree. 

This is why I brought my mom along. When we found out that it didn't work and that none of the other trees were and option, she asks if we can get a percent off. So the lady says, "Sure. I'll give it to you for $19.99." AWESOME.

Then my mom gives me a coupon for 25% more off. Taking the total cost of my Christmas tree down to $15! AWESOME.

So, they guy loads the tree in the trunk and we head home. As we set the tree up in my garage my mom says, "You know, I bet that tree is from Steins. They service all their pre-lit trees.

So, the next day my mom takes the tree to Steins for me and just tells them she thinks it was purchased there and the lights aren't working. They say they'll call her when it's fixed. 

And so within a couple days, my mom goes in to pick up the tree. They've fixed it...for FREE!! AWESOME. 

My $15 tree!!

and some of my ornaments. I LOVE them all. Almost every one tells a story and holds a special place in my heart. 

...well, I don't know about this one. The story is that I bought a bag of them at a rummage sale this summer for $2. But I love the elegance they bring to the tree. This one got a spot front and center!

I remember getting this one with my mom at a Craft fair when I was really young maybe 7 or 8. I even remember that the fair was at Market Square, the old movie theater in town.

This one is dated '91 and was made by yours truly in kindergarten. I LOVED art at school.

And this one was made in 5th grade. My best friend and I still talk about how Mrs. Roders encouraged us to add more glitter to ours and we refused. I knew at a young age that sometimes less is more.

Oh, and this one! Love him. My aunt got us an ornament every year. I love this movie and I equally love this ornament on my tree. 

I was pretty big into Lion King. I even had posters on my wall and a blanket to match. I believe this ornament is the only piece of that phase that remains.

And my candy canes- I've had them since at least 2003! I find them way less tempting!

I'm taking my tree down tomorrow. But I'll sure be glad to put it back up in all it's $15 glory and sentimental value next year!

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