Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A New Day

In a move that is contrary to my true character, I am up and out of bed before the sun this morning. (I want to leave out the part that, instead of resting for a few minutes last night, I fell asleep at 6pm!) Regardless, I am up. My coffee has been consumed and I’m ready. Today just feels special. 

I chose to start my extra time this morning with a devotional and some reading. Again, sadly, not my true character. But I wanted to share them with you here because I’d forgotten about these gems, and maybe you’ve not heard of them, but I think they’re both worth mentioning.
I’ve had both of these books on my shelf for a long time. In fact, I read most of Mark Batterson’s third book Primal over a year (or two!) ago. It’s marked up and it looks like I really enjoyed it. But, I never finished it. And what I did read of it, I can’t hardly remember. So, it’s getting a twice over and a completion this time! 
Mark say at the end of the first section "By the time you read the last page....I hope you have gone back to the primal faith you once had. Or more accurately, the primal faith that once had you." 
Yeah, I want that.

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I also did a devotional. Again, I wrote two entries months ago and never committed to making it a staple in my days. Maybe this time around will be different. I felt the “Wow God, you’re awesome for putting this verse and these words in my life today.” I don’t know why I would choose to keep Him from awing me again! And, I love this devotional because it asks questions and leaves space for answers. 

You can also learn more about Sheila here. And, the book is also available as an app for $9.99 

 Read them along with me or put them on your list of ‘must reads.’ While you’re at it, add Mark Batterson’s first two books to the list too. Wild Goose Chase and In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day; books I (actually have) finished and thoroughly enjoyed. 
Well, I can tell the sun has peaked over the horizon of Lake Michigan. In just a moment's time it will be flooding my yard with it’s light. Another moment to stop and say “Wow, God!”
I hope you have moments in your day today that make you stop and say the same!
Perfect morning....& meet Petey!

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