Tuesday, January 10, 2012

as we speak

Emily and Nolan, my dear friends, are flying to Thailand to serve for 2 whole years with the Peace Corps. I've known this day was coming since July and somehow it still doesn't feel quite real;

It will eventually, I know. When they start sharing pictures and stories of their adventures. I'm excited.

Emily and I met our freshman year of college in the dorms and were roommates off campus for 2 years. She is, without question, one of the greatest blessing in my life.  In 2006 when she studied abroad in Australia (and met & fell in love with Nolan!) and I spent the adjacent summer traveling, we were apart for about 9 months. By the way, this was pre-skype. We went from seeing each other daily to never- and it was tough. But when we returned, we were truly better people. 

2006 changed our lives.
We both took great risks and made sacrifices, but the payback was invaluable.
I'm certain that this will be true for Emily and Nolan's Thailand adventure.

I found this gem-of-a picture of the 3 of us back in the college days.

I'm so proud of them and thankful that they are willing to be bold.

I'm joining all of their friends and family in prayer for them while they're gone. And somewhere in this stack of note cards, I'll be praying with them one Sunday while they're away.

A few months ago, Emily's sweat, wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful, mother sent out a letter to people in Em and Nolan's lives asking us to fill out a note card with a prayer, verse, or whatever we wanted. 
No matter where they are and no matter what their church situation is, they'll be able to join in community with the ones they love each Sunday. There is one card for every week they're gone. 
I'm not sure I love how thick that stack is!

I teared up as I read Jacki's request- by the end I was full on crying. What a beautiful gesture. I was so honored to be a part of it.

The people of Thailand don't yet know how lucky they are to have Emily and Nolan.  

They are blogging while they're gone. You can follow them here.

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