Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I heart

the library

I went to the library the other day. I got a little overambitious. 


The librarian even made remarks about how busy I'm going to be in the new year. 

But the truth is

and, besides-


I simply can't help myself once I walk through the doors. 

I wander up and down the isles in awe of all the possibilities.
I load my arms until I can't stand it anymore. 
I discover thing I didn't even know I had a desire to learn. 
I borrow more books than I could ever read,
and hope I remember their due date. 
It's wonderful. 

I've always been like this. I can thank my parents. I vividly remember participating in story hour when I was in preschool. I loved to be there. When I got older (but was still very young), they would drop me off and give me enough money to use the pay phone when I was ready to come home. By middle school I could ride my bike the 5 blocks myself. I can even remember getting scolded a few times for losing track of time.

That still happens- well, the losing track of time part.

This sums it up:

Reading The Sewing Bible takes me to a place where I'm a world class sewer (seamstress. whatever.) and can accomplish anything. In actuality, I'm still sitting at my sewing table incapable of sewing anything besides a straight line. 

I love the endless possibilities and joy that time spent in the library provides.

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