Monday, January 30, 2012

goodwill hunting

I had the day off from work today. While there are many projects already on my list, I decided that I needed to start the day with a trip to Goodwill. I gave myself a budget of $10. I came in way below, spending under $4. I got two things that I'm really excited to repurpose. In fact, everything on my list has taken a backseat while I upcylce these treasures.  

I think this bulletin board is just precious. It would even fit into my tacky-chic (as I call it) sunporch decor.

 As lovely as it is, it won't be staying this ways for long. It did inspire me to try'n paint burlap sometime though. 

 I loved the price and the fact that those little tabs mean it won't be too hard to disassemble and repurpose.

I'm still kind of surprised that I found this shirt. It was in a bin full of super random clothes. But when my eyes spotted it, my heart skipped a tiny beat. Ok, that's kind of dramatic. But I'm kind of falling in love with the deer motifs that are showing up again in home decor. 

I can hardly stand it! So perfect. It won't be a t-shirt for much longer. 

And for that price! I'm one lucky girl. 

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